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The Ghost

My friend Paul Leader wrote this on Facebook today:

"So it's All Hallows Eve. The night when little monsters roam our streets and pumpkins are lit on doorsteps and in windows. It's also the day when Christians find the hobby horse about warning about darkness and evil. I was one of those people up until about 12-15 years ago. Now, instead of pointing the finger and preaching at people, I've grown to realise our faith has its own fair share of ghost stories and giants. From the 'ghosts' of our lives that haunt us, that can find peace and forgiveness through Christ, to the disciples experiencing the resurrected Christ in a locked upper room, so many stories of shafts of Light in the midst of a dark world. However you celebrate or don't celebrate today, I trust you'll get to know the one Ghost who is in the room."

His love is like lightning

Cracking through the sky and

And burning through the rage

Burning through the pain of a billion scars

Get ready, get ready

Get ready, get ready

All the stories are true

His ghost is inside me

Holy fire burning wildly

Burning through the things

That need to be erased to liberate my soul

Get ready, there's an empty tomb

Get ready, there's a ghost in the room

Get ready, even mountains move

Get ready, all the stories are true

"Ghost" by Crowder


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