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Episode 6 - Grief and the God Who Is With Us

For our Christmas Eve episode we're talking about grief. About how the baby who was born two thousand years ago is truly the same God who steps into our unbearable grief here and now. He stepped into Shannon's grief when her sister died in 2020 and He is here to step into yours too.

We are not alone and we are so loved.


This is a video that I posted to my Instagram account about six weeks after my sister died:


Here is the full Brennan Manning video that I mentioned in episode 6. The story I was talking about can be found at minute 5:34.


The podcasts that Ashley mentioned in this episode are:


Memories of My Sister

Melissa Tenaya Byous McCormick

August 30, 1978 to April 5, 2020


You are loved.

Merry Christmas, friends.


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