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Episode 5 - The Way We Were Raised to Read the Bible vs How the Church Fathers Interpreted Scripture

In this episode we're discussing how we were brought up to view and read the Bible versus how the early church fathers and thoughtful theologians interpret(ed) it. It makes a big difference in understanding that Jesus truly is the picture of a loving, kind and good Father who doesn't wipe out (or ask us to wipe out) his enemies! We also touch on why a misunderstanding of the Bible leads to twisted doctrines and theology.

(Please note: We are OBVIOUSLY not theologians, scholars or historians. Please have some grace as we discuss and figure out these things while on our journey because I guarantee we will get some facts or history wrong, but we are continually working it out as we learn how to study and research biblical history and get to know God more. Thanks!)


This is the video that has helped kick off our realization of how important it is to learn how to read the Bible. For nerds like Ashley and I, it has been life changing and, honestly, like a bolt of lightning as far as understanding goes! Personally, I wanted to cry with RELIEF after listening to it because it helped me see that God is indeed loving and kind and happy and GOOD instead of a Zeus-like figure who clobbers his enemies.

Please feel free to contact us with your questions or stories.


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