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Episode 19 - The Institution is Dying

We kick off this episode with Ashley's story of her terrible, no good, very bad day. From there we discuss how the Western church as we know it is crashing and crumbling before our eyes. So many of us don't know how to function in a healthy spirituality. As we walk away from the institution and system we've called church, can we live in the simple freedom of Jesus? What does that look like for us? Join as as we discuss these topics and more.


We encourage you to check out two podcasts that we love and discussed in this episode:

We also mention John Crowder's cracking good video, Divine Bloodlust? - The Jesus Trip. You can find it here. If you were raised to think that God can't look on sin and/or turned his face from Jesus while he was on the cross we highly recommend this one. It's life changing and beautiful!


Glorious Things podcast is hosted by Shannon Ruddy & Ashley Simmons.

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